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Southern California boy killed in bicycle accident

California roadways are filled with vehicles of all sizes. Many people prefer large cars and trucks to accommodate the size of their family and lifestyle, but some do not fully appreciate that driving larger vehicles warrants increased awareness of the road and safety precautions while driving. Blind spots and height differences between trucks and bicycles, for instance, can contribute to serious accidents.

San Bernardino accident investigators were still requesting information from the public over a fatal bicycle accident that occurred recently. Authorities were looking for anyone that may have witnessed the incident because one boy who was apparently present when the accident occurred didn’t get a good look at what happened. What is known is that a pickup truck heading in the eastbound direction of an area interstate struck a 12-year-old boy riding his bicycle at the intersection.

The accident occurred in the early afternoon and a traffic light was reportedly in place at the intersection. Authorities were not sure whether the boy was using the crosswalk at the time he was hit. It was also not confirmed if the truck had the right-of-way to proceed through the intersection. Sadly, the boys succumbed to his injuries at an area hospital. He did not have a bicycle helmet on when he was struck by the truck.

California Highway Patrol officers did not arrest the driver of the pickup truck. Considering the lack of details surrounding the incident, authorities were interested in learning more about exactly how and why the fatal crash occurred. For families that lose a child in an accident, the immediate and long-term grief can be an explainable. An attorney can help to guarantee that accident victims are acknowledged, and that their cases are given the attention they deserve.

Source: The Press Enterprise, “SAN BERNARDINO: Truck kills boy at I-210 off-ramp,” Richard Brooks, July 2, 2014

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