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Pasadena considering new measures to prevent animal attacks

While no one disputes the fact that animals make for loving and faithful companions, thousands of incidents involving aggressive animals occur every year throughout California and across the country. Owner negligence and abuse are factors that contribute to the likelihood of an animal attack occurring, and issues concerning overpopulation and improper breeding practices also play a role.

Animal rights organizations have spoken out in support of a measure proposed in Pasadena that would address animal populations in the city. According to a representative with PETA, the overpopulation of cats and dogs within city limits would be corrected swiftly if they were all required to be spayed or neutered. The measure in question was recently approved by the Pasadena City Council after it was introduced by a city councilman. In recommending the proposed measure, the councilman argued that the vast majority of deadly dog attacks that happen are caused by unneutered, overly aggressive animals.

The proposed measure also stipulates that all dogs and cats would have to be fixed by the age of six months, striking opposition in many animal breeders. While the councilman argues that imposing such extensive regulations is necessary to combat the violent behavior of specific animal breeds, many pet owners and breeders claim that the measure goes too far. Some suggest that behavioral tests should be implemented instead.

Despite the fact that not everyone may agree on how to best protect the public from animal attacks, many concede that more can and should be done to prevent and punish those liable for dog bites. Dog attack victims and their families can speak with an attorney today to learn about city ordinances and how current policies address incidents.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Pasadena Proposal Would Require All Dogs, Cats Over 6 Months To Be Spayed Or Neutered,” July 14, 2014

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