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July 2014 Archives

Manhattan Beach teen dies on tour bus

Every year, millions of teenagers across the state of California and the entire country celebrate events like birthday parties on tour buses and limousines. Parties are chaperoned in some cases, but other times kids are left with very little adult supervision. That is why it is important that tour bus drivers and companies are properly trained and licensed to transport underage passengers.

Pasadena considering new measures to prevent animal attacks

While no one disputes the fact that animals make for loving and faithful companions, thousands of incidents involving aggressive animals occur every year throughout California and across the country. Owner negligence and abuse are factors that contribute to the likelihood of an animal attack occurring, and issues concerning overpopulation and improper breeding practices also play a role.

Families find degree of justice in wrongful death suits

Too many innocent people are involved in serious accidents in Long Beach, California, and beyond. In incidents where serious injuries and/or fatalities occur, sometimes it’s all that victims and their families can do to hope that the law will be on their side and hold liable parties responsible. Unfortunately, though, authorities can be limited in their options to present and prosecute a case.

Southern California boy killed in bicycle accident

California roadways are filled with vehicles of all sizes. Many people prefer large cars and trucks to accommodate the size of their family and lifestyle, but some do not fully appreciate that driving larger vehicles warrants increased awareness of the road and safety precautions while driving. Blind spots and height differences between trucks and bicycles, for instance, can contribute to serious accidents.

Church officials face wrongful death suit

California organizations that promote and organize events accept a degree of responsibility for event participants. Moreover, any time transportation services are coordinated for a group of people, those responsible for making the arrangements are charged with ensuring that the transportation provider is qualified and in good legal standing.

Wrong-way driver causes fatal motorcycle crash

Many California motorcyclists that have experience on the road understand that they are largely vulnerable to the actions of other motorists, and must therefore be especially vigilant and take it upon themselves to take necessary safety precautions at all times. For instance, some motorcyclists choose to only ride in the daytime and many others invest in top-of-the-line safety helmets. There is only so much any motorcycle rider can do, however, to protect themselves against the recklessness and/or negligence of other drivers.

Wrongful death settlements present opportunities and challenges

Countless California residents are involved in serious car accidents every day, many of which through no fault of their own. In such cases, accident victims and their families may be entitled to compensation and must make important decisions regarding whether and how to pursue legal action against liable parties. Settling wrongful death claims out of court is a legal option that should be considered with a great deal of care.

Authorities investigating Berkeley bicycle accident

While drivers should always be mindful of pedestrians and bicycle riders, this is the time of year when they must especially keep an eye out for children playing and riding their bikes in the street any time of day. Now that many California students are out of school for the summer they can be expected to be enjoying themselves outdoors, and it is up to motorists to be aware of their surroundings and child-friendly zones like parks and residential neighborhoods.

Fatal California accident kills 2 children, 2 adults

No one can truly understand what it feels like to lose a loved one unexpectedly unless it has happened to them. Sadly, however, families across the state of California and the entire country are confronted with tragedy every day, and too many are forced to deal with the sudden death of multiple family members and/or children.