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Viral dog attack saga ends with euthanization

Every day, home videos posted online via platforms like YouTube have the potential to be seen by millions of people across the world. Some of the most popular videos out there involve animals and many others capture shocking and even dangerous situations. And while everyone seems to enjoy it when the stars align and cute animals do amazing things, the reality behind such videos can be very serious and painful. A dog attack of a young child in Bakersfield, California, that recently received international attention has resulted in the animal being euthanized, serving as a sobering reminder that such unfortunate incidents have real and lasting consequences.

Following the attack on the four-year-old victim, the dog involved in the incident was placed in sheltered care for 10 days. During the evaluation period, the animal reportedly continued to show signs of aggression and placed the safety of attending shelter staff in danger. Consequently, the Chow-Labrador mix was euthanized.

The serious incident was witnessed millions of times around the world, since surveillance video footage of the attack was posted on YouTube. While the unprovoked attack of the dog on the young victim seemed strange enough to many, even more odd was the fact that the little boy’s pet cat ended the altercation by scaring the dog away. Needless to say, the cat instantly became a superstar in its own right.

While the image of the brave feline lunging towards the hurtful dog may be the thing that most people remember about the home video for some time, the truth of the matter is that a young child was subjected to the violent aggression of an unrestrained animal. Thousands of similar incidents occur every day throughout the U. S. and deserve an equal degree of concern.

Source: NY Daily News, “Dog who attacked boy before hero cat intervened and was euthanized: report,” Joe Kemp, May 26, 2014

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