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Law enforcement and prosecutors fail to act on fatal bike crash

For victims and their families, the consequences of being involved in a serious accident can be severe and permanent. And in especially tragic cases involving fatalities in cities like Long Beach, families are often left with the seemingly impossible task of achieving justice for their lost loved one/s. That is why it is always recommended that anyone affected by a road collision seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. Many bicycle rights activists, as well as concerned citizens, are criticizing the decisions of prosecutors and law enforcement officers now that it’s clear no charges will be filed against the truck driver that killed a woman in a fatal bicycle accident last year.

The incident in question took place in San Francisco, where 25 fatal bicycle and pedestrian accidents occurred in 2013. Of those 25 cases, only six motorists were charged with vehicular manslaughter. According to one source, the results of an accident investigation determine whether or not authorities have enough evidence to present the District Attorney’s Office with a case. Without probable cause, prosecutors do not typically pursue claims against motorists.

Advocates for pedestrian and bicycle safety argue that more must be done to protect everyone on the road. There is some evidence that law enforcement officers are taking bicycle accidents more seriously. For instance, fatality incidents are now referred to as collisions instead of accidents, and authorities are beginning to issues tickets in cases where prosecutors do not take any action against motorists at fault.

The call for increased awareness and action on the part of authorities was renewed after the death of a 24-year-old bicycle rider failed to result in vehicular manslaughter charges against the semi-truck driver who allegedly took her life.

Source: kqed.org, “No Charges for Driver in Death of Bicyclist Amelie Le Moullac,” Brian Goebel, May 13, 2014

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