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Defect part in wrongful death case free to fix

While most Los Angeles, California, motorists come to terms with the fact that they will at some point navigate everything from traffic to drunk drivers, few may be okay with the idea of their own vehicle experiencing a serious malfunction. As more information continues to surface about the nature and extent of the vehicle recall connected to major wrongful death claims, it becomes apparent that the automaker liable in the case could and should have done so much more to prevent the fatal incidents.

Personal injury attorneys involved in the case estimate that 60 individuals may have lost their lives in fatal accidents caused by faulty ignition switches in some General Motors vehicles. However, GM has only identified 13 wrongful death victims so for. Once the issue of the defective part came to light, GM began recalling several models of cars in the early spring of this year and almost 3 million vehicles have been recalled in all.

Subsequent investigations have revealed that not only was the issue of the defective switch known of by the automaker in 2001 but that the part in question was replaced without being improperly documented in 2006. And beyond that, a report conducted by GM now claims that the ignition switch designed to replace the malfunctioning one was essentially free to implement.

Twenty GM employees have either been reprimanded or dismissed over the mass recall so far. The CEO of GM recently stated that much of the problem was that employees did not immediately identify the severity of the issue. Tragically, delays in acknowledging and addressing concerns over the defective vehicle part may have contributed to dozens of deaths.

Source: Fox News, “Fix for GM’s ignition switch defect cost the company nothing, according to investigation,” June 5, 2014

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