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Charity riders injured in bicycle accident with truck

Driving without a valid license and/or insurance is a serious offense in the state of California. Not only does driving illegally automatically imply liability in any number of accident scenarios but it often also means that unlicensed drivers are unqualified to be behind the wheel of a vehicle at all. Several people involved in a charity event sustained injuries in a bicycle accident recently with a vehicle that should never have been on the road under such circumstances in the first place.

Well over 2000 cyclists recently participated in the seven-day AIDS/Life Cycle Bicycle Ride, which begins in Santa Cruz and ends in Ventura County. And while the charity event unites riders and raises AIDS awareness, it also subjects bicycle riders to potential hazards on the road. Sadly, California Highway Patrol officers were forced to notify event organizers about an incident involving a pickup truck and four ride participants.

The bike crash reportedly occurred during the midmorning hours near Moss Landing. The four bicycle riders were hit by a pickup truck at an intersection along Highway 1, and all four required medical treatment at an area hospital. While three of the accident victims reportedly sustained cuts and bruises in the incident, one of them sustained serious injuries.

Authorities reported that the accident occurred when the pickup truck turned left onto the highway upon exiting a gas station. The driver allegedly failed to stop for the bicycle riders, hitting them as he turned. Authorities also claimed that the driver of the truck did not have a license. In addition to being cited by law enforcement officers, the driver that caused the multi-injury accident may be pursued for damages by the victims.

Source: ksbw.com, “AIDS ride bicyclists struck in Moss Landing by pickup truck,” June 2, 2014

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