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Bicyclist records shocking display of road rage

There is no doubt that cities across the country are doing more to promote bicycle safety and make roads more bicycle-friendly. Miles and miles of bike lanes are being added every day and motorists are continually being reminded that they must be aware and respectful of cyclists at all times. Sadly, however, such efforts to protect everyone on the road do not necessarily safeguard bicycle riders from the rash and dangerous actions of some drivers. One recent incident that took place in Orange County, California, illustrates how too many bicycle accident incidents are caused.

While the pickup truck driver and female passenger involved in the altercation in question had yet to be apprehended by law enforcement officers, authorities claimed that they were regarding the case as an assault and battery incident. The incident occurred in the middle of the day on a recent Saturday in Laguna Beach. According to the bicyclist involved in the incident, he and a friend were riding along the Pacific Coast Highway when they were confronted by the aggressive behavior of the pickup truck driver. Each time the bicycles passed the truck, which was allegedly stuck in traffic, they were offended by exhaust fumes. Ultimately, the incident escalated when the passenger in the vehicle verbally assaulted the cyclists and struck them with bottles of liquid thrown outside the truck window.

The bicycle rider claimed that the altercation ended once the truck driver realized that the cyclist was filming the incident on his cell phone. Authorities were contacted by the biker and provided with the video footage supporting his complaints. The cyclist noted that he thought he may be struck by the truck and feared for his life. 

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “OC Cyclist Records Pickup Truck Trying To Run Him Off Road,” June 2, 2014

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