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June 2014 Archives

State named as defendant in wrongful death suit

Residents of California understand all too well that the state’s infrastructure is in need of repairs. Roadways are showing their age and the fact that they take quite a beating from everything from heavy traffic to harsh weather. Necessary repairs do not only serve cosmetic purposes but also protect motorists from potentially hazardous road conditions.

Investigation follows fatal Laguna Beach accident

Under the best of circumstances California roads are busy and under the worst of circumstances they are simply impassable. That’s why motorists must be ever vigilant of their surroundings and conscious of the fact that they share the road with bicycle riders as well. In the unfortunate event that a vehicle is involved in a bicycle accident, witness accounts are often a crucial part of the investigation to determine who, if anyone is responsible for the collision.

Defect part in wrongful death case free to fix

While most Los Angeles, California, motorists come to terms with the fact that they will at some point navigate everything from traffic to drunk drivers, few may be okay with the idea of their own vehicle experiencing a serious malfunction. As more information continues to surface about the nature and extent of the vehicle recall connected to major wrongful death claims, it becomes apparent that the automaker liable in the case could and should have done so much more to prevent the fatal incidents.

Charity riders injured in bicycle accident with truck

Driving without a valid license and/or insurance is a serious offense in the state of California. Not only does driving illegally automatically imply liability in any number of accident scenarios but it often also means that unlicensed drivers are unqualified to be behind the wheel of a vehicle at all. Several people involved in a charity event sustained injuries in a bicycle accident recently with a vehicle that should never have been on the road under such circumstances in the first place.

Fatal car crash ruled intentional

Any time an accident results in injuries and/or death, an investigation is conducted to determine who, if anyone, is at fault. And while a large percentage of incidents are caused by driver recklessness or negligence, far fewer fatal collisions happen on purpose. Two motorists died recently in a fatal accident in Lakeside, California, and now it is confirmed that the driver at fault in the incident intended to crash her car.

Bicyclist records shocking display of road rage

There is no doubt that cities across the country are doing more to promote bicycle safety and make roads more bicycle-friendly. Miles and miles of bike lanes are being added every day and motorists are continually being reminded that they must be aware and respectful of cyclists at all times. Sadly, however, such efforts to protect everyone on the road do not necessarily safeguard bicycle riders from the rash and dangerous actions of some drivers. One recent incident that took place in Orange County, California, illustrates how too many bicycle accident incidents are caused.

Viral dog attack saga ends with euthanization

Every day, home videos posted online via platforms like YouTube have the potential to be seen by millions of people across the world. Some of the most popular videos out there involve animals and many others capture shocking and even dangerous situations. And while everyone seems to enjoy it when the stars align and cute animals do amazing things, the reality behind such videos can be very serious and painful. A dog attack of a young child in Bakersfield, California, that recently received international attention has resulted in the animal being euthanized, serving as a sobering reminder that such unfortunate incidents have real and lasting consequences.

Law enforcement and prosecutors fail to act on fatal bike crash

For victims and their families, the consequences of being involved in a serious accident can be severe and permanent. And in especially tragic cases involving fatalities in cities like Long Beach, families are often left with the seemingly impossible task of achieving justice for their lost loved one/s. That is why it is always recommended that anyone affected by a road collision seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. Many bicycle rights activists, as well as concerned citizens, are criticizing the decisions of prosecutors and law enforcement officers now that it’s clear no charges will be filed against the truck driver that killed a woman in a fatal bicycle accident last year.