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Santa Monica girl injured in pit bull attack

Most animal attacks in Los Angeles occur without any malice on the part of the animal’s owner. These are usually simply random incidents where a dog or cat’s animal instinct takes over and an attack results. Yet these attacks can often leave victims with serious injuries that require extensive medical care to correct. The expenses associated with that care can quickly add up to the point of being overwhelming, and accidents victims are left with little choice but to seek compensation from the animal’s owners.

A young girl was recently injured during a pit bull attack in Santa Monica. She was left with multiple wounds across her lower body. Fortunately, none of the injuries are life-threatening. She did, however suffer from torn flesh and puncture wounds that required medical treatment. Authorities investigating the accident did remove the dogs involved in the attack from the property where it occurred, however the dog owners were not cited for any sort of criminal liability.

While the lack of any criminal action may exonerate them of any wrongdoing, they are still legally responsible for the damage that their dogs caused. Thus, should the girl’s family choose to pursue a claim against them, they could reasonably be held financially responsible for her care.

It may be difficult for accident victims to initiate such action, especially if they have a close relationship with the owners of the animals that attacked them. Yet often, they’re left with no choice. However, with the right help, all parties involved may be able to come to an amicable agreement in the aftermath of an animal attack. That help may come from a personal injury attorney.

Source: abc7.com “8-year-old girl recovering after attack by pit bulls in Santa Monica” Rob Hayes, Apr. 21, 2014

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