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San Jose family seeking justice for daughter with lawsuit

Many in Long Beach may choose to question a family’s motives for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in the wake of a loved one’s death. After all, no amount of monetary compensation will bring him or her back, nor can it truly assuage the pain and suffering that they may be feeling. Yet for many families, their reasons for filing such a lawsuit are not financial; they may simply be looking for justice beyond that which was imposed upon those responsible for the death. Such civil justice is often the only way that they may be able to truly find closure.

Such is the claim of a San Jose family following their daughter’s suicide. The teenage girl hung herself in her home in the fall of 2012. This tragedy happened after she had been sexually violated at a party by a group of boys. She had reportedly passed out from consuming too much alcohol. As she lay sleeping, the boys removed her clothes and abused her, all while taking explicit photos of the incident. Yet ultimately, their punishment for this act was a 45-day sentence for one and 30-day sentences for the other two involved. The punishments were served in juvenile jail, with the two serving for 30 days being allowed to serve their time on weekends.

Family members of the girl now say their separate lawsuits are to help restore her reputation and see that the boys involved be made to pay more than what they viewed to be light sentences. Anyone who’s lost a family member or friend due to similar circumstances may have the same feelings. He or she may also wish to speak with an attorney to see about filing their own wrongful death lawsuit. 

Source: San Jose Mercury News “Audrie Pott case: Man says he’s her father, wants to be included in wrongful-death suit” Apr. 24, 2014 

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