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First wrongful death suit filed weeks after tragedy

While no one can underestimate the pain caused by losing a loved one, the death of a child can be all the more heart-wrenching. And in instances where there is evidence to suggest that the child’s death could have been prevented, efforts to ensure that a similar incident never happens again often become top priority for the victim’s family. According to a representative for one family recently affected by a fatal accident, the mother of a teenage girl killed in an accident with a FedEx truck was compelled to file a wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to save other lives.

Even though the fatal collision happened more than a month ago, it may still be some time before the National Transportation Safety Board as well as state officials learn the exact cause of the accident that took the lives of 10 people. For now, FedEx is accused of ignoring issues relating to company vehicles being improperly loaded and operated by drivers, in addition to incidents of vehicles igniting into flames.

The mother of one of the high school students that died in the April incident has filed a wrongful death suit, which identifies FedEx as well as the FedEx truck driver as defendants. The bus company that owned the vehicle carrying the high school field trip group is also named a defendant in the lawsuit while the investigation continues.

Nine individuals aboard the bus, along with the driver of the FedEx truck, died when the truck struck the bus and both vehicles caught fire. The mother of the 17-year-old victim is seeking punitive and general damages in the amount of $100 million. And while the lawsuit claims that FedEx was aware of the potential for its vehicles to ignite into flame, the defendant did not comment on the suit.

Source: LA Times, “Mother of student who died in fatal bus crash sues for $100 million,” Christine Mai-Duc, April 23, 2014

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