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Mission Viejo man killed in motorcycle crash near Irvine

Motorcycle riders in Long Beach often face a stigma of being adrenaline junkies who like to live fast and drive their bikes faster. While this may be true with some motorcyclists, it shouldn’t absolve the drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs of the responsibility pf being mindful of any motorcycles on the roads around them. In many accidents, the blame for causing them may lie with both parties. In the case of a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist is often not around to assume the blame, as he or she may have easily perished in the accident due to the lack of protection that his or her bike provides.

Such is the case with a Mission Viejo man who recently died as a result of motorcycle collision. According to accident reports, he was driving his bike along a road near Irvine when a car pulled out in front of him. He was thrown from his motorcycle, sustaining the injuries that caused his death. The driver of the car sustained minor injuries. Law enforcement officials who investigated the accident concluded that the man had been speeding at the time of the collision. The car driver has not been cited or charged for her role in the accident.

While one may question the motorcyclist’s decision to allegedly speed, one also might question the woman’s decision to pull out in front of a speeding motorcycle. Such a question could prompt the family of this man to initiate civil action against the woman, despite her not having been cited by police. Anyone who’s been involved in such an accident where negligence was allegedly displayed by both parties involved may wish to speak with an attorney to see if any legal recourse may be pursued. 

Source: Patch.com “Man Killed in Silverado Motorcycle Crash Is From Mission Viejo” Christopher Harty, Mar. 22, 2014

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