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Dog that mauled young boy spared from being euthanized

When pet attacks occur in Long Beach, the victims often find themselves in the difficult position of wanting to protect others from the animals that attacked them, but also knowing that reporting such an incident could lead to the animal being euthanized. They may instead decide to try and work out some sort of agreement with the pet owner to compensate them for their injuries. Such agreements, however, are often difficult to enforce, and many times victims in such cases are left having no financial support to cover their pain suffering.

The recent outcome of a dog bite case in Arizona may serve to help these victims to know that reporting such an incident doesn’t automatically result in an animal being put down. This particular case centered on a pit bull that had mauled a young boy, leaving him with severe facial injuries. A vicious-dog petition was filed against the pit bull, citing a history of aggression prior to the attack. A groundswell of support arose for the dog, with supporters staging candlelight vigils and even launching a social media campaign to spare the animal’s life. Their argument was that it was the negligence of the adults involved in the case that led to the attack. The judge hearing the case ultimately decided to spare the dog on the condition that he be defanged, neutered, and placed in a facility for the remainder of his life.

While victims may not want to see the animals that attacked them destroyed, their own recovery and the safety of others should take precedence in such a case. Anyone needing assistance in reporting an animal attack may wish to work with personal injury attorney in doing so. 

Source: KFMB News 8 “Phoenix judge spares life of dog that mauled child” Mar. 25, 2014

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