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Dog attack prompts citation against owner

It is the responsibility of every dog owner living in Los Angeles, California, and beyond to ensure that their pet is properly accounted for and under control at all times. No matter if the animal is comfortable around children and strangers or not, it’s up to the owner to prohibit their dog from leaving their property unleashed. Two young children were recovering from significant injuries they sustained in a recent dog attack that could have resulted in tragedy.

The dog attack happened in Erie, Pennsylvania, when the 85-pound animal was reportedly accidentally let out of the house by a visiting relative. Once outside, the dog attacked two siblings that were walking home from school with their father. In the process of helping one child, the father could not stop the dog from attacking the other.

The seven-year-old girl that was involved in the incident required medical attention and was hospitalized for serious bruises and scrapes she sustained, as well as receiving staples for a bite she suffered to her head. The eight-year-old boy was also hospitalized and treated with 12 stitches to his arm.

The animal was reportedly tested for rabies before being euthanized, and its owner was cited for two offenses: failing to license and control the dog. The police lieutenant on the case did note that the incident was an unfortunate and unplanned accident, and the dog owner did show remorse for the injuries the children sustained.

Despite the fact that the attack was unintentional on the part of the dog owner, it does not negate the fact that it was the responsibility of the owner to educate their houseguest on how to properly handle the dog and prevent such incidents.

Source: erietvnews.com, “Dog Owner City For Vicious Dog Attack Involving Children,” Emily Matson, April 10, 2014

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