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April 2014 Archives

Multiple injuries, one child dead in fatal accident

Immediately following a serious car accident, authorities often conduct an investigation to determine why the incident occurred. And in the tragic event that a fatal accident happens on a California roadway, criminal charges may be pursued against the driver allegedly at fault. Similarly, accident victims and their families have the right to make personal injury and/or wrongful death claims against that suspect as well. The cause of the accident that took the life of one little girl may prompt criminal and civil actions against one motorist.

Driver flees scene following bike accident in Joshua Tree

One may often hear the term “hit-and-run” in relation to bicycle accidents that occur in Long Beach. While most may associate hit-and-run accidents with criminal charges, law enforcement officials aren’t always the only ones looking for drivers who flee the scene of an accident. Accident victims may have just as much interest in finding those drivers that hit them, as they could be in need of compensation to help pay for the injuries that they may have sustained during the collision. While further investigation may be required in order to determine who was at fault in the accident, the fact that one party choose to flee the scene may definitely serve to shift the liability in that direction.

Hit-and-run motorcycle collision investigation continues

Cities like Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, have the perfect weather for year-round motorcycle use since it seldom rains and the sun is never too hard to find. And while the mild climate encourages motorcycle riders to get out on the road, it can also result in increased motorcycle accident incidents. That is why it is imperative that motorcycle riders protect themselves against serious injuries and issues by seeking the sound legal counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney in the event that they are involved in an accident. Tragically, there was still no closure in a recent fatal motorcycle crash since one of those suspected of being involved in the incident was not yet identified by authorities.

Fiery multi-vehicle crash near Orland leaves at least 10 dead

If Los Angeles and the rest of California are known for anything, it’s for having congestion on the area’s roads and highways. Because one is typically surrounded by so many other vehicles while driving, it is incumbent upon him to her to remain vigilant behind the wheel. Should carelessness, recklessness, or even just a momentary lapse in judgment lead to a car accident, that accident can easily involve multiple vehicles, increasing the risk for casualties.

Dog attack prompts citation against owner

It is the responsibility of every dog owner living in Los Angeles, California, and beyond to ensure that their pet is properly accounted for and under control at all times. No matter if the animal is comfortable around children and strangers or not, it’s up to the owner to prohibit their dog from leaving their property unleashed. Two young children were recovering from significant injuries they sustained in a recent dog attack that could have resulted in tragedy.

Mission Viejo man killed in motorcycle crash near Irvine

Motorcycle riders in Long Beach often face a stigma of being adrenaline junkies who like to live fast and drive their bikes faster. While this may be true with some motorcyclists, it shouldn’t absolve the drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs of the responsibility pf being mindful of any motorcycles on the roads around them. In many accidents, the blame for causing them may lie with both parties. In the case of a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist is often not around to assume the blame, as he or she may have easily perished in the accident due to the lack of protection that his or her bike provides.

Wrongful death suits may persist despite settlements

Many personal injury cases in Long Beach, California, result in settlements. And while settling out of court can be the preferred conclusion to a wrongful death lawsuit, that settlement must reflect the honest and accurate dealings of both the plaintiff and defendant in the case. Confronted with new evidence regarding factors that contributed to their family members’ fatal accident cases, two families may attempt to sue a major automaker despite the fact that they have already received settlements.

Dog that mauled young boy spared from being euthanized

When pet attacks occur in Long Beach, the victims often find themselves in the difficult position of wanting to protect others from the animals that attacked them, but also knowing that reporting such an incident could lead to the animal being euthanized. They may instead decide to try and work out some sort of agreement with the pet owner to compensate them for their injuries. Such agreements, however, are often difficult to enforce, and many times victims in such cases are left having no financial support to cover their pain suffering.

Gas company issues compensation in anticipation of suits

It only takes one instant for entire lives to be turned upside down when something like a gas explosion occurs in cities like Los Angeles, California. Such events are known to happen without notice or obvious warning signs and can have destructive and deadly consequences for those involved. Tragically, dozens of people were seriously impacted recently by a gas-related explosion in an apartment building. Now, the gas company linked to the fatal accident has reportedly begun compensating victims even though the company is not officially implicated in the case.