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Witnesses say street racing may have caused Woodland Hills crash

Many drivers in Los Angeles fancy themselves to have the skills to compete with any opponent behind the wheel. While that may be true for some, the appropriate place to test such skills is the racetrack, not s suburban neighborhood. Such recklessness poses a danger not only to those on living and playing near roads on which would-be street racers are driving, but also anyone who has the misfortune of being in the vehicle with them when they’re driving this way. One who decides to speed on the road often forgets that he or she is not only gambling with his or her own safety, but the safety of any passengers, as well.

If residents of a Woodland Hills neighborhood are to be believed, street racing may have been a factor in a recent car accident that sent three people to a local hospital. Residents says cars often race down the street, and witnesses of this crash say that it appeared that the vehicle involved was indeed racing another car at the time it lost control. All three of the victims of the crash were said to be in fair condition.

While the idea of speeding or street racing may seem exhilarating to some, the fact is that those who choose to participate in it are displaying little regard for the safety of others around them. Such negligence could easily lead to civil action being taken against them by those injured in accidents that their speeding may cause. Anyone suffering from injuries due to such recklessness may wish to work with a personal injury attorney to seek compensation from the drivers responsible. 

Source: NBC Southern California “3 Hospitalized After Woodland Hills Car Crash” William Avila and Kate Larsen, Mar. 16, 2014

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