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Social media used in hit-and-run investigation

Too often, serious accidents go unsolved in major cities like Los Angeles, California, for the lack of eyewitnesses. In some instances there are people that see an incident occur but fail to report it, and other times no one is aware that anything is wrong until it’s too late. And sometimes the only individual that can explain how and why a fatal bicycle accident occurred is the very person at fault. One tragic bike crash might have gone unsolved if it weren’t for the strategic use of social media recently.

Following a fatal bicycle hit-and-run collision in Texas, local law enforcement used Facebook and news sources to gain any information they could about what happened and why. Surveillance footage linked to the incident was posted online and received over 100,000 views from the public. Ultimately, the authorities’ appeal to the public for information paid off and they received a sound tip.

The video footage that was caught showed a woman driving away after first pulling over and removing a damaged portion of her car. The woman in the video was believed to be the driver of a car that hit a 45-year-old man that was riding his bicycle in the middle of the night.

Because she left the scene of the accident, the female motorist was arrested and charged with a felony count of causing an accident resulting in death. Investigators attribute the arrest and conclusion of the hit-and-run investigation to the fact that their use of social media was effective in engaging the public to solve the case.

Source: click2houston.com, “League City woman arrested in hit-and-run crash,” Jennifer Bauer, March 19, 2014

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