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Saga of fatal crash on the 105 ends with a murder conviction

The thrill of owning a motorcycle in Long Beach is often tempered by the knowledge of the risks one takes when riding such a vehicle. These risks typically don’t involve operating the vehicle itself, but rather the dangers one faces from other vehicles on the road around them. While motorcyclists are strongly encouraged to be cautious while driving, they can’t avoid the possibility of the drivers around them not extending the same courtesy. Sadly, if and when a motorcycle collision with a larger vehicle does occur, the motorcyclist is the one who typically gets the worst of it.

A fatal motorcycle accident on the 105 Freeway highlights this fact. A young man was traveling home from his job in Vernon on his new motorcycle when he was struck by a van that swerved into the lane in which he was traveling. The impact threw him into the center divider. He died as a result of the crash. The van sped off after the collision, but was later found by authorities. The driver, who at the time was on probation for a DUI conviction, was found to have a blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit at the time accident. He was convicted of second-degree murder for his role in the accident.

In this case, the driver’s criminal conviction in no way impacts the right of the victim’s family to pursue a civil claim against him. While the compensation that such a claim could potentially offer will not bring the victim back, it may help them in dealing with their pain and suffering. Accident victims in a similar situation may also wish to speak with an attorney in regards to seeking such compensation themselves.

Source: Daily Breeze “Compton man convicted of murder in traffic death of motorcyclist” Mar. 01, 2014

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