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Perris woman mauled by son-in-law's pit bull

When people in Long Beach are injured in pet attacks, their first instinct may be to simply let the issue go rather than cause further trouble for the pet owner. This may be especially true in cases where they know the owner personally, or perhaps are even related to them. Yet they often soon find out that the injuries sustained during an animal attack can be quite significant. Such injuries may require extensive medical treatment, which could potentially cause them to miss work while they recover. The expenses from such an accident can quickly add up, and a victim may be left with no alternative but to seek compensation for their injuries.

Such is the scenario facing a Perris family after an elderly woman was viciously mauled by a pit bull. She is currently in a local hospital recovering from injuries she received to her face and arms during the attack. The dog is owned by her son-in-law, who lives on the same property. He reportedly had kept the dog tethered to a chain on the property. Experts believe that such an action may contribute to a dog’s aggression.

The severity of the injuries suffered by this woman during the attack coupled with the negligence demonstrated by the owner in chaining the animal may have all of the makings of a typically personal injury lawsuit. While the fact that the owner is related to the victim may complicate matters, it doesn’t erase the owner’s liability or the victim’s potential need for financial compensation for her injuries. Anyone dealing with injuries and/or medical expenses from a similar accident may wish to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney on how he or she should handle such a case.

Source: Opposing Views “2nd Pit Bull Attack in 1 Week In Riverside County, CA, Leaves Grandmother Severely Injured” Denise A. Justin, Feb. 18, 2014

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