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L.A. County liable for major motorcycle accident

Given that cities like Los Angeles, California, are under a continuous state of change and expansion, it’s little wonder that road construction takes place day and night. In fact, many L.A. motorists are so used to sharing the road with city construction and maintenance crews that they know to automatically slow down and pay attention for workers and road debris. Unfortunately, though, being familiar with road work does not necessarily protect motorists from potential dangers. A motorcycle accident involving two bikes resulted in one of the motorcycle riders sustaining serious injuries in 2011. Now, the County of Los Angeles has been found guilty of causing the potentially fatal incident.

The motorcycle rider that was injured in the collision still reportedly suffers from the spinal fractures that almost left him paralyzed. The accident occurred days after road construction work was done, and was caused by loose gravel that was not properly cleaned off the roadway by construction crews. The gravel left on the road caused the first motorcycle rider to lose control of his bike, which then struck the second vehicle.

Initially, the 71-year-old motorcycle accident victim accused the other motorcycle rider of causing the incident. However, it was ultimately confirmed in court that not only was the loose gravel to blame for causing the collision but that the County of Los Angeles should be held liable for the victim’s injuries. After a month of trial, it was determined that the county should owe the victim approximately $770,000 to cover medical costs and pain-and-suffering. 

Source: Pasadena Star-News, “Jury awards $770,000 in damages after L.A. County road crew causes two-motorcycle accident,” Christina Villacorte, Feb. 28, 2014

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