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March 2014 Archives

Witnesses say street racing may have caused Woodland Hills crash

Many drivers in Los Angeles fancy themselves to have the skills to compete with any opponent behind the wheel. While that may be true for some, the appropriate place to test such skills is the racetrack, not s suburban neighborhood. Such recklessness poses a danger not only to those on living and playing near roads on which would-be street racers are driving, but also anyone who has the misfortune of being in the vehicle with them when they’re driving this way. One who decides to speed on the road often forgets that he or she is not only gambling with his or her own safety, but the safety of any passengers, as well.

Social media used in hit-and-run investigation

Too often, serious accidents go unsolved in major cities like Los Angeles, California, for the lack of eyewitnesses. In some instances there are people that see an incident occur but fail to report it, and other times no one is aware that anything is wrong until it’s too late. And sometimes the only individual that can explain how and why a fatal bicycle accident occurred is the very person at fault. One tragic bike crash might have gone unsolved if it weren’t for the strategic use of social media recently.

Saga of fatal crash on the 105 ends with a murder conviction

The thrill of owning a motorcycle in Long Beach is often tempered by the knowledge of the risks one takes when riding such a vehicle. These risks typically don’t involve operating the vehicle itself, but rather the dangers one faces from other vehicles on the road around them. While motorcyclists are strongly encouraged to be cautious while driving, they can’t avoid the possibility of the drivers around them not extending the same courtesy. Sadly, if and when a motorcycle collision with a larger vehicle does occur, the motorcyclist is the one who typically gets the worst of it.

Wrongful death suits may follow mass recall

No one can truly understand what it is to lose a loved one unless or until it happens to them. And while death is always tragic, it can be especially difficult to come to terms with the loss of someone to something like an avoidable accident. In instances where a victim’s death could have been prevented by the actions or conduct of another party, the family of the victim has the right to seek sound legal counsel and hold the appropriate parties accountable for the emotional and financial hardship they have caused. Now that more details regarding the mass recall implemented by one major automaker are coming forward, it’s likely that families of the many victims involved in the case will pursue wrongful death claims.

L.A. County liable for major motorcycle accident

Given that cities like Los Angeles, California, are under a continuous state of change and expansion, it’s little wonder that road construction takes place day and night. In fact, many L.A. motorists are so used to sharing the road with city construction and maintenance crews that they know to automatically slow down and pay attention for workers and road debris. Unfortunately, though, being familiar with road work does not necessarily protect motorists from potential dangers. A motorcycle accident involving two bikes resulted in one of the motorcycle riders sustaining serious injuries in 2011. Now, the County of Los Angeles has been found guilty of causing the potentially fatal incident.

Driver impairment a possible factor in fatal Willowbook car crash

While passengers place their trust in a driver when they agree to be driven in another’s vehicle, that trust is usually based upon their relationship with the driver and their confidence in his or her good judgment. Should a car accident occur, that good judgment may quickly come into question. While this often places accident victims in the awkward position of having to hold their friends or family members accountable, the need for compensation may force their hand. The decision to seek such accountability may be made that much easier should it be learned that the driver’s poor judgment may have been what caused the accident in the first place.

Perris woman mauled by son-in-law's pit bull

When people in Long Beach are injured in pet attacks, their first instinct may be to simply let the issue go rather than cause further trouble for the pet owner. This may be especially true in cases where they know the owner personally, or perhaps are even related to them. Yet they often soon find out that the injuries sustained during an animal attack can be quite significant. Such injuries may require extensive medical treatment, which could potentially cause them to miss work while they recover. The expenses from such an accident can quickly add up, and a victim may be left with no alternative but to seek compensation for their injuries.

No bail set in fatal bicycle accident

Bicycle riders are especially vulnerable on the road since they are much smaller and more exposed than most cars. As a result, it’s up to drivers to be aware of their surroundings at all times and account for the fact that they do share the road with bicycles. Sadly, one man lost his life in a serious bicycle accident late last year in Santa Cruz, California, and now there are doubts as to whether or not the driver that caused the fatal incident will even face trial.

Politician's statement reflects need for more bike awareness

While some Long Beach, California, residents may still remember a time when community members were able to ride their bicycles on open streets, many would argue that those days are long gone. Bicyclists are now often faced with the issue of finding a suitably safe road to ride on, as factors like poor road maintenance and commuter traffic can make streets hazardous. And despite the fact that some organizations and legislators are renewing efforts to improve safety conditions for pedestrians in bicycle riders, others are reluctant to do more. A recent incident involving one legislator’s response to a bicycle accident testimonial illustrates the difficulties the bicycle community can face over safety concerns.

San Francisco firefighter strikes motorcyclist with fire truck

Many who choose to ride motorcycles in and around Los Angeles do so with the knowledge that at any moment, they could be the victim of a collision with a distracted or impaired motorist. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, their bikes don’t offer adequate protection in the event of such an accident. Thus, many are killed in motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles, while those who survive may be severely injured. In either outcome, the victims and/or their families may be in need of compensation to deal with the expenses associated with these accidents. Typically, it’s the driver of the vehicle that caused the motorcycle accident becomes the focus of any pending civil action.