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Placentia pit bull attack sends two people to the hospital

Countless people in the Los Angeles area enjoy the benefits of pet ownership. Yet owning a dog, cat, or other domesticated pet brings with it the responsibility of protecting others from these animals. Often lost in the deep feelings that owners have for their pets is the fact that are indeed animals whose behavior can't always be predicted. Sadly, if and when an animal's instinct does kick in, and it happens to attack another animal or, worse yet, a person, the end results can be devastating to both attack victims and pet owners.

While victims certainly bear the brunt of the physical toll of a pet attack, the owners are often made to deal with the emotional one. This point was clearly illustrated in a recent dog attack in Placentia. When police arrived at the scene, they found two bite victims with significant wounds, as well as two angry pit bulls cornered nearby. Ultimately, the officers were forced to shoot and kill one of the dogs after it repeatedly charged at them. The other was captured by animal rescue personnel, and the bite victims received treatment at a local hospital.

While the owners of the pit bulls had not yet been identified, one can imagine their emotions when they learn not only of the harm their animals caused, but also that one had to be killed and the other remains in the custody of the city. On top of all of that, they could potentially be held liable for the injuries that the accident victims were forced to endure. While victims in such accidents may wish to have compassion on pet owners given the unpredictable nature of the animals involved, the challenges they're forced to endure from the attack may not allow it. Should the victim of an animal attack need to initiate legal action against the animal's owner, he or she may want to have an attorney help them to do so. 

Source: KTLA "2 Injured After Dog Attack in Placentia; 1 Dog Killed" Tracy Bloom, Jan. 25, 2014

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