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Man in hospital following Santa Maria hit and run accident

Bicyclists in Los Angeles know all too well about the lack of protection provided by their bikes. Should they be involved in a bike accident involving another vehicle, they are often left exposed to the full impact of that vehicle. Such accidents rarely end well, often leaving the bicyclist dead or with debilitating injuries. Those lucky enough to survive may need money for their long-term medical care. The families of those lost in these accidents may be left to deal with a serious financial void left by the victim. In either case, the potential compensation earned from a lawsuit may be their only way of handling such expenses.

A recent hit and run accident in Santa Maria has potentially left a family to deal with such a scenario. A man riding his bike along Highway 135 was believed to have been struck by car. First responders found him at the scene, but not the driver who allegedly hit him. Authorities have asked for the public’s assistance in locating the driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that witnesses say hit the man. He is in critical condition after being transported to a local hospital.

The victims and/or their families obviously have a vested interest in finding the drivers involved in hit and run accidents such as these. Not only do they want to see then brought to justice, but they may also want to initiate legal action themselves against such drivers. Filing a lawsuit concurrent with a related criminal case can be complicated. As such, potential plaintiffs may be greatly benefitted to have the advice and assistance of their own attorney during such a process.

Source: KSBY San Luis Obispo News “Bicyclist in critical condition following hit and run in Santa Maria” Lindsay MacLeod, Feb. 13, 2014

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