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El Cajon man killed after being thrown from motorcycle in crash

Whenever a motorcycle accident occurs in Los Angeles, the victims are rarely limited to those at the scene of the accident. The families and friends of those involved are also deeply affected, particularly when such an accident results in the death of the motorcyclist. When this happens, he or she often leaves behind a family that looked to him or her for financial as well as emotional support. For these families, the compensation that comes from a legal settlement is their only means to replace that support, provided that the accidents that claimed their loved ones were the fault of other drivers.

Police are trying to answer such a question following a fatal motorcycle crash in El Cajon. The motorcyclist, a 32-year-old husband and father of four, was killed after being thrown from his motorcycle following a collision with another vehicle. Witnesses claim that the driver of the car was attempting to turn right across westbound lanes when the accident occurred. While charges stemming from the accident have yet to be filed, police haven't ruled out the possibility of the driver being distracted before turning in front of the motorcycle.

While there certainly are a number of things both inside and outside of a car that can draw a driver's attention away from road, he or she may still be held responsible for the consequences that result from any accidents that such distractions may cause. Even if no criminal charges are ever filed, accident victims may still choose to pursue legal action against the allegedly distracted driver. Anyone wanting to initiate such action may wish to do so through an attorney who can help them in pursuing whatever compensation that they feel entitled to. 

Source: KFMB "Vigil for El Cajon motorcycle rider killed in crash" Abbie Alford, Jan. 15, 2014 

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