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February 2014 Archives

Man in hospital following Santa Maria hit and run accident

Bicyclists in Los Angeles know all too well about the lack of protection provided by their bikes. Should they be involved in a bike accident involving another vehicle, they are often left exposed to the full impact of that vehicle. Such accidents rarely end well, often leaving the bicyclist dead or with debilitating injuries. Those lucky enough to survive may need money for their long-term medical care. The families of those lost in these accidents may be left to deal with a serious financial void left by the victim. In either case, the potential compensation earned from a lawsuit may be their only way of handling such expenses.

Drunk driving suspected in fatal accident

Everyone subjects themselves to a certain degree of danger each time they get in a vehicle. In fact, most Long Beach, California residents may agree that driving in urban areas presents more threats than others. That is not to say, however, that motorists must willingly accept the idea of being subject to others’ negligent or reckless driving. In the event that a serious or fatal accident occurs and is found to have been preventable, victims and their families may have the right to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. One young woman suspected of causing a multi-vehicle, multi-fatality accident could face serious accusations along with wrongful death claims in the future.

One dead following auto-pedestrian accident in Long Beach

One can imagine who typically comes out on top when a pedestrian and a car collide here in Long Beach. Drivers are charged with being aware of those around them at all times. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, pedestrians always have the right-of-way. If and when an auto-pedestrian accident does occur, the financial impact for the pedestrian can be huge. This can be felt either through the medical expenses associated with recovery, or by the financial void left by those who don’t survive such accidents.

Pedestrian and bike crash victims get shortchanged

In Los Angeles and other cities across the state of California, motorists are legally required to carry vehicle liability insurance. And as a result, the assumption of many people is that they will be suitably compensated in the event that they are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, however, some argue that outdated and insufficient policies leave many pedestrian and bicycle accident victims underinsured and unprotected.

Placentia pit bull attack sends two people to the hospital

Countless people in the Los Angeles area enjoy the benefits of pet ownership. Yet owning a dog, cat, or other domesticated pet brings with it the responsibility of protecting others from these animals. Often lost in the deep feelings that owners have for their pets is the fact that are indeed animals whose behavior can't always be predicted. Sadly, if and when an animal's instinct does kick in, and it happens to attack another animal or, worse yet, a person, the end results can be devastating to both attack victims and pet owners.

Animal attack, motorcycles, and Judge Judy: Oh my!

Despite the fact that pet owners in Long Beach, California, often regard their beloved four-legged friends as family members, state and federal laws identify animals as personal property. As a result, property owners are held responsible for the actions of their pets. One case that made its way on a popular legal television show highlights how liability is determined in some personal injury cases involving dog attack incidents.

El Cajon man killed after being thrown from motorcycle in crash

Whenever a motorcycle accident occurs in Los Angeles, the victims are rarely limited to those at the scene of the accident. The families and friends of those involved are also deeply affected, particularly when such an accident results in the death of the motorcyclist. When this happens, he or she often leaves behind a family that looked to him or her for financial as well as emotional support. For these families, the compensation that comes from a legal settlement is their only means to replace that support, provided that the accidents that claimed their loved ones were the fault of other drivers.