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New trial requested in Michael Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit

It's always difficult to lose a loved one, especially if they're loss comes because of what some believe to be another's negligence. Many times, family or friends in Long Beach will try and prove such negligence through a wrongful death lawsuit. Some may view such action as vindictive and pointless given that it will not change the fact that the deceased is gone. Yet for many, a wrongful death lawsuit offers the potential of needed compensation to help fill the financial void left by their loved one's passing. It also allows them the chance to explain the circumstances of one's death and hold those responsible accountable. However, proving negligence in such a case can be very complex, and a favorable ruling is usually never as cut-and-dry as some may think.

The family of deceased singer Michael Jackson is learning this firsthand as they continue to try and hold the concert promoter who hired the doctor that administered the fatal dose of medication to him accountable. Their previous efforts to argue this point in court ended with what some claim to have been a bizarre ruling. The jury was instructed to answer 5 questions regarding the promoter's actions in order to determine liability. Yet after they answered in the negative to the second question, they were ordered by the judge to end deliberations. Many of them expressed surprise at this result, adding that had they continued to the other three questions, some degree of liability may have been established. These responses have prompted the Jackson family to consider pursuing a new trial in the matter.

One may take from the scenario described above that arguing a wrongful death case is never easy. They would be absolutely right in that assumption. Knowing this, those wanting to pursue such action following the death of a family member or friend may help their chances at earning the outcome they want by working with an attorney. 

Source: Los Angeles Times "Katherine Jackson seeks new trial in AEG wrongful death case" Jeff Gottlieb, Jan. 03, 2014

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