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Confession finally comes after fatal bicycle accident

For many accident victims and their families, closure can only come when responsibility is taken by those involved in causing the incident in question. Serious and fatal accidents happen every day in places like Long Beach, California, and many victims never receive the acknowledgment or compensation they deserve for the injuries they endure. A recent hit-and-run bicycle accident that took the life of one young man finally ended with an arrest, since the woman suspected of causing the fatal crash turned herself in to authorities.

The fatal incident occurred on Christmas night, as the 22-year-old accident victim was riding his bicycle alongside his girlfriend. The young man was reportedly struck from behind by a vehicle and thrown more than 100 feet. The bicycle rider succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident.

The subsequent bicycle accident investigation resulted in the collection of debris from the scene, which allowed investigators to identify the suspect’s vehicle as a Mazda Protégé. Authorities were allegedly able to identify the model of vehicle involved in the incident even though it was a hit-and-run accident.

One day after the incident, law enforcement were contacted by an attorney who was approached by a young woman now identified as the motorist involved in the fatal collision. A subsequent interview with the 21-year-old suspect revealed that she was in fact driving the model of vehicle identified by investigators, and that she allegedly fled the scene of the accident out of fear.

Since identifying herself as the offending driver in the tragic Christmas Day accident, the young woman surrendered herself to authorities. She now faces felony charges for the death of the cyclist.

Source: ktre.com, “Driver involved in the fatal Lufkin hit-and-run accident surrenders to authorities,” Gary Bass, Dec. 31, 2013

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