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Bicyclist struck and killed in hit-and-run accident

Bicyclists in Long Beach are cautioned to do all that they can to make themselves visible to cars and other vehicles while riding on the roadway. Yet all of the cautionary action imaginable cannot guarantee one’s safety. However, the responsibility for bicycle accident prevention doesn’t lie solely with bicyclists; motorists are also expected to remain aware of those around them at all times, especially when it comes to bicycles on the road. Sadly, if and when a bicycle and car collide, one can usually guess who fares the worst in such an accident.

This was recently reaffirmed in an accident in Texas where a bicyclist was struck and killed by a car during a late-night ride with his girlfriend. He was reportedly struck from behind while riding in the outer lane of traffic and carried over 100 ft. down the road before begin thrown in the curb. While he had no light on the back of his bike, his girlfriend, who was riding closest to curb, had a red strobe light on the back of hers.

The driver of the car admitted to having taken her eyes off of the road to search for her wallet just before striking the man. Though she initially fled the scene, she later turned herself in to authorities.

While criminal charges have yet to be field against the driver, the possibility of such charges may not deter the victim’s family or friends from initiating a lawsuit against her. Those who have either suffered serious injuries or lost loved ones to such accidents may wish to pursue similar action. They may be best served in securing the services of an attorney during this process.

Source: KTRE “Driver involved in fatal Lufkin hit-and-run accident surrenders to authorities” Gary Bass, Dec. 31, 2013 

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