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January 2014 Archives

Road construction may be factor in fatal motorcycle crash

Few Los Angeles residents may remember a time when traffic was not a constant issue on Southern California roadways. These days, LA commuters can largely expect to sit still on any given Freeway during rush hour, and it’s not unheard of for a once 15-minute drive to take two hours. The issue is getting so bad, in fact, that taking to the road in the middle of the night does not necessarily ensure that drivers will not face traffic and/or other road hazards. Sadly, one fatal motorcycle accident may have been the result underestimating highway conditions after dark.

Justice for victim's family after wrongful death ruling

Not only is the loss of a loved one tragic, but it often has a profound financial impact on the family. Especially when an individual’s death is avoidable, those responsible must be held accountable to the victim’s survivors in California and beyond. One family may finally feel a sense of justice now that the parties responsible for causing the death of their father and husband have been found guilty in their wrongful death lawsuit.

New trial requested in Michael Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit

It's always difficult to lose a loved one, especially if they're loss comes because of what some believe to be another's negligence. Many times, family or friends in Long Beach will try and prove such negligence through a wrongful death lawsuit. Some may view such action as vindictive and pointless given that it will not change the fact that the deceased is gone. Yet for many, a wrongful death lawsuit offers the potential of needed compensation to help fill the financial void left by their loved one's passing. It also allows them the chance to explain the circumstances of one's death and hold those responsible accountable. However, proving negligence in such a case can be very complex, and a favorable ruling is usually never as cut-and-dry as some may think.

Bicyclist struck and killed in hit-and-run accident

Bicyclists in Long Beach are cautioned to do all that they can to make themselves visible to cars and other vehicles while riding on the roadway. Yet all of the cautionary action imaginable cannot guarantee one’s safety. However, the responsibility for bicycle accident prevention doesn’t lie solely with bicyclists; motorists are also expected to remain aware of those around them at all times, especially when it comes to bicycles on the road. Sadly, if and when a bicycle and car collide, one can usually guess who fares the worst in such an accident.

Wrongful death suits may soon follow criminal charges

Unfortunately, there are instances where the nature and severity of a Long Beach, California, premises accident are so extreme that they may warrant both civil and criminal charges. In the case of serious injury, illness or death caused by the negligence or recklessness of a property manager or owner, blame may be assigned. Two separate parties may have cause to file wrongful death lawsuits against one hotel executive currently facing criminal charges for his alleged involvement in four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning at a hotel last year.

Confession finally comes after fatal bicycle accident

For many accident victims and their families, closure can only come when responsibility is taken by those involved in causing the incident in question. Serious and fatal accidents happen every day in places like Long Beach, California, and many victims never receive the acknowledgment or compensation they deserve for the injuries they endure. A recent hit-and-run bicycle accident that took the life of one young man finally ended with an arrest, since the woman suspected of causing the fatal crash turned herself in to authorities.

3-year-old boy attacked by dog inside of Murrieta Lowes store

It seems that more and more stores and retail locations in Los Angeles are allowing customers to bring dogs inside of their stores these days. While many would say that is the only humane thing to do as more people have started traveling with their dogs and leaving them inside of their vehicles could potentially be dangerous, what's overlooked in these situations are the potential liability concerns. Should an incident occur between a dog and a guest, could a store be held liable for allowing the dog on the premises in the first place?

Smart reminders for post-accident actions

Southern California roads and freeways are among the busiest and most congested in the nation. Automobile accidents can happen any day, on any type of road and the results of a car accident can be minor or severe with long-lasting impact on victims. It is easy to think logically about what you should do when an accident happens but reminders are always helpful because in the moments following a crash, it is normal to feel confused and upset, making it more likely that you may forget important things.

Plaintiffs hope to lock Aaron Hernandez's assets for civil trial

As many in Los Angeles may already know, a defendant facing criminal charges related to a murder also isn’t immune from civil action being taken against him or her in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. Yet the challenge facing the victim’s representatives who are seeking compensation is having the case heard before all of the accused’s assets are eaten up by his or her criminal defense. Unfortunately, civil cases are often put on hold until criminal trial proceedings come to a conclusion. Some may think that it’s only the ruling in a wrongful death lawsuit that the victim’s family cares about. While that may be true in some cases, in many others, the family of the deceased often relies on funds awarded in a settlement to survive financially.