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Drivers uninjured, motorcyclist dead in San Luis Obispo accident

The line that’s all-too-often associated with motorcycle-vehicle collisions is “the driver of the vehicle was uninjured.” Motorcycles offer a thrilling ride to those in Long Beach looking for a little adventure, yet the tradeoff one makes for those thrills is the extreme lack of protection that his or her bike provides. In the event of a motorcycle accident, the rider is almost assured of devastating injuries or worse. The driver of a vehicle involved in that same accident, however, typically walks away unharmed.

Another sad example of this fact was seen in an accident that recently occurred in San Luis Obispo. A man was thrown from his motorcycle after clipping the rear end of truck. He was then hit by an SUV that was trying to avoid hitting his bike. While the accident is still under investigation, neither of the drivers of the vehicles were cited. Again, both walked away unharmed, while the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Yet just because the driver of a vehicle doesn’t often sustain any major injuries in a motorcycle accident doesn’t mean that he or she wasn’t responsible for causing it. The common perception is often of the motorcyclist traveling recklessly at high speeds, yet the opposite is often true. The motorcyclist can be the one trying to be mindful of those on the road around him or her, only to be hit by a distracted or negligent driver.

Ultimately, who caused the accident has little bearing on the physical toll taken on the motorcyclist. Yet it can be a major factor in his or her recovery or to his or her family in that they may be entitled to compensation if the fault is found to be with the vehicle driver. An attorney may be very useful in helping to represent one’s interests in this process.

Source: The San Luis Obispo Tribune “Motorcyclist killed in San Luis Obispo accident is identified” Kaytlyn Leslie, Dec. 17, 2013

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