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Chatsworth motorcycle accident lands CHP officer in hospital

Motorcycle riders in Los Angeles are taught to be almost overly-mindful of the other vehicles on the road around them. If and when they are involved in accident, their protection from injury is minimal. As such, the only guaranteed safety measure for a motorcyclist is accident avoidance, which is the reason why most display an extra degree of caution. Sadly, the same can't always be said for those vehicles that they're trying to share the road with.

A California Highway Patrol officer was recently injured after he collided with a garbage truck on his motorcycle in Chatsworth. According to witnesses at the scene, the driver of the garbage truck was trying to make a wide right-hand turn, yet had failed to adequately check for traffic on the right side of his vehicle, which was where the officer was traveling in relation to the truck. While the officer required hospitalization, his injuries aren't believed to be life-threatening.

One would probably think that a motorcycle officer would be extremely skilled at avoiding accidents while on his bike. Thus, an accident such as this can serve as a testament that all of caution in the world displayed by a motorcycle rider can't overcome the danger posed by a nearby negligent driver.

The injuries that come as the result of a motorcycle accident are often severe, requiring extensive medical treatment and a prolonged recovery period. The victims of such accidents face potentially enormous medical expenses as well having to take time off work to recuperate. Often it's only the compensation earned from a civil suit against the responsible drivers that allows them to stay afloat financially. As such, anyone injured in such an accident may wish to work with a personal injury lawyer to earn such compensation.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News "CHP officer injured in collision with trash truck in Chatsworth" Kelly Goff, Nov. 08, 2013

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