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Bakersfield law protects dogs involved in attack on other dog

When pet attacks occur in Long Beach, most would assume that the animal would face some sort of consequence, or at least the pet owner would be required to make restitution. Yet that isn't necessarily the case. Other factors such as a history of aggression from the animal often play into whether authorities pursue any sort of punitive action. Sadly, the lack of any sort of accountability on the part of the attacking animals or their owners only compounds the pain and suffering of those who are victims of such attacks.

A Bakersfield family is currently feeling such grief after their family dog was allegedly mauled to death by their neighbor's dogs. While no members of the family were present to see the attack, their downed fence was all the proof they needed to know who the culprits were, as they claim their neighbors three dogs had broken through the fence before and attempted to attack their dog. Unfortunately, local laws require that there be at least two documented attacks within 36 months before the animals or their owners are subject to any penalties.

An animal attacking another animals is often the precursor to it attacking a person. And while a single attack may not expose the pet owner to any criminal consequences, it can invite civil action being taken against by the victim's of their pet's attack. Anyone injured from a dog bite, cat bite, or other form of animal attack may wish to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney to see what their options are in seeking compensations from the animal's owners. 

Source: KERO-TV 23 "Bakersfield family devastated after dog was attacked and killed by neighbor's dogs" Amanda Gomez, Nov. 20, 2013

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