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December 2013 Archives

Drivers uninjured, motorcyclist dead in San Luis Obispo accident

The line that’s all-too-often associated with motorcycle-vehicle collisions is “the driver of the vehicle was uninjured.” Motorcycles offer a thrilling ride to those in Long Beach looking for a little adventure, yet the tradeoff one makes for those thrills is the extreme lack of protection that his or her bike provides. In the event of a motorcycle accident, the rider is almost assured of devastating injuries or worse. The driver of a vehicle involved in that same accident, however, typically walks away unharmed.

Patrol car/bike crash kills one

Most Southern California residents may agree that perhaps the greatest appeal of living in a city like Los Angeles is that the climate allows for year-round outdoor recreation. That’s why so many LA residents and tourists alike take to the streets on everything from bicycles to skateboarders to roller skates. Sadly, though, making the most of the region’s mild seasons can place cyclists in danger on the roads. One prominent figure in the early online music scene died recently in a bicycle accident with a Los Angeles Police vehicle.

Young baby killed in dog attack

For countless families in Los Angeles, California, and other cities across the country, the family pet really is a member of the family. Many dog owners treat their beloved canines as they would any other loved one, and therefore afford them a large amount of freedom in the home. However, pet owners must never forget that their dogs are animals, and may be prone to impulsive or even aggressive behavior. One family is mourning the loss of their newest member, as the young baby girl recently died from dog bite injuries she allegedly sustained in her own home.

Bakersfield bicyclist killed by allegedly distracted driver

Many in Long Beach are unaware of this fact, but anytime that their undivided attention is pulled away from the road can be qualified as distracted driving. Even in those times when one may be using a hands-free device to make a phone call, studies have shown that their attention is split equally as if they were using a hand-held phone. When one is distracted, his or her reaction time is hindered, which may result in an accident if they encounter obstacles on the road. If they are determined to be the cause of that accident, they may be subject to criminal charges, as well as legal action from those whom they may have injured.

Bakersfield law protects dogs involved in attack on other dog

When pet attacks occur in Long Beach, most would assume that the animal would face some sort of consequence, or at least the pet owner would be required to make restitution. Yet that isn't necessarily the case. Other factors such as a history of aggression from the animal often play into whether authorities pursue any sort of punitive action. Sadly, the lack of any sort of accountability on the part of the attacking animals or their owners only compounds the pain and suffering of those who are victims of such attacks.

Accident investigation confirms played role in actor's death

Even though millions of serious car accidents occur every year, sometimes it’s difficult to determine exactly how or why an incident occurred. Sometimes it appears that only one vehicle is involved in the incident when in fact another may have fled the scene. As a result, car accident investigators may vet several possible scenarios before confirming their findings. Two people were killed in a car accident in Santa Clarita, California, recently, prompting investigators to consider multiple leads as to what caused the fatal incident.

Contractor charged in fatal accident

It's not unusual to see construction work being done in places like Long Beach, California. In fact, it may not even occur to most people to avoid construction zones. However, individuals can be in a great deal of danger if construction and demolition projects are not handled correctly. A fatal accident at a demolition site resulted in multiple injuries and deaths earlier this year. Now, the contractor identified as the defendant in the case is facing numerous civil and criminal accusations.

Chatsworth motorcycle accident lands CHP officer in hospital

Motorcycle riders in Los Angeles are taught to be almost overly-mindful of the other vehicles on the road around them. If and when they are involved in accident, their protection from injury is minimal. As such, the only guaranteed safety measure for a motorcyclist is accident avoidance, which is the reason why most display an extra degree of caution. Sadly, the same can't always be said for those vehicles that they're trying to share the road with.