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Workers' comp or auto insurance in Fresno motorcycle accident?

Accidents involving injuries in Los Angeles will often leave those involved with serious medical expenses to pay, as well as with the prospect of having to take time off of work to recover from their injuries. When those accidents involve motorcycle collisions or work-related injuries, one is typically entitled to compensation from an outside payer, be it either auto insurance or a workers compensation fund. Yet what happens in those cases when both entities are involved, like in the event where someone is involved in a motorcycle crash while performing his or her job functions?

Such is the case facing a Fresno motorcycle police officer who was recently injured in a motorcycle accident while on the job. Reports say that he was preparing to pursue a vehicle when he was hit by another vehicle while crossing the street. The accident left him with injuries that although minor in nature, did require treatment at a local hospital.

One may be left asking which payer is responsible to compensate the man for his injuries in this case: workers compensation or auto insurance. Sadly, such cases often result in each side trying to absolve themselves of responsibility, all the while claiming that the other is responsible to cover the expenses associated with the accident. Meanwhile, the victim is often left unprotected in the face of mounting medical bills and lost wages from time off of work.

In such a case, the focus needs to remain on the accident victim and helping him or her get the compensation that‘s needed in order to endure such an event. If one needs assistance in seeking compensation for such an accident, he or she may wish to secure the services of a personal injury attorney to make sure that compensation is delivered in a timely manner.

Source: ABC30.com “Fresno motorcycle officer injured in traffic accident on Shaw Ave” Nov. 12, 2013 

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