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Pet owner concealed dog involved in serious attack

There’s no doubt that many people that own pets in Southern California often treat their furry friends as family members. In fact, individuals often take their responsibility as dog owners very seriously. And while it’s very important that people care for their animals correctly to ensure their safety and well-being, pet owners also have a responsibility to protect the public from their pets. One woman is now facing the consequences of her actions, since she attempted to conceal possession of a dog that seriously injured a young boy recently.

The defendant in the Washington dog attack case owns a young pit bull that mauled a five-year-old boy last year. The young child is reported to have sustained serious injuries to his leg, and required a skin graft and over 40 sutures to treat the wound caused by the dog’s bite to the boy’s calf.

Following the incident, the pet owner was required to turn the dog in to the Humane Society and provide authorities with information regarding the dog’s vaccination record. Apparently, however, the defendant failed to comply with the court’s orders, and allegedly attempted to conceal the animal. The woman was accused of actually submitting another animal in her dog’s place.

Having pleaded guilty to concealing her dog and committing forgery, the defendant was issued a 90-day jail sentence by a County Superior Court judge. The woman is also required to remain in jail until she surrenders the dog that was actually involved in the attack.

It is not stated whether or not the animal exhibited any signs of aggression prior to the incident. It’s also not known if the dog attack victim fully recovered from his injuries.

Source: komonews.com “W. Wash. woman jailed for hiding pit bull that attacked boy,” Nov. 13, 2013

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