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Judge denies motion to move wrongful death lawsuit to Mexico

When Long Beach families lose loved ones in a fatal accident, no amount of compensation can make up for the emotional pain and suffering that they’re called upon to endure. Yet for many, a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of those that they lost is the only way to hold those responsible for the accident accountable and to fill the financial void left to those who relied upon the deceased for support. Unfortunately, such actions are often seen as petty and vindictive, and public opinion can often away against plaintiffs as their cases are often delayed by various legal maneuvering.

Such an apparent attempt was recently struck down by the Superior Court judge overseeing the wrongful death case filed on behalf of the members of singer Jenni Rivera’s entourage. The famous Mexican singer was killed along with her traveling party when the private plane that they were flying in crashed in Mexico. The lawsuit was filed against the company owning the plane, which has been trying to have the case heard in Mexico since the accident occurred there. The plaintiff’s attorneys argue however, that since the company and the plane were both operated of the U.S., the case should be heard here. The judge ultimately agreed, ordering that the case will be held in Los Angeles.

Grieving families in cases such as this are often only looking for closure to what has been a tragic chapter in their lives. Yet few will have the legal knowledge needed to respond to legal challenges made during the proceedings. They may ultimately want to work with an attorney with experience in handling these types of lawsuits. 

Source: Variety “Jenni Rivera Wrongful Death lawsuit To Be Heard In California” Nov. 18, 2013

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