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Huntington Beach man dead after motorcycle accident in Long Beach

Even though motorcycles and vehicles share the same roads in Long Beach, they don't share the same level of protection offered to those operating them. Motorcyclists are greatly exposed to injury in the event of an accident. As such, they usually have to be acutely aware of the other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, that same awareness doesn't always extend to the drivers of those vehicles. The stability and security of a car, truck, or SUV can be an open invitation to carelessness, either by drivers trying to multi-task while driving or operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner.

Such was allegedly the case in a recent Long Beach accident that left a Huntington Beach man dead. The driver of a Toyota Sequoia is accused of making an unsafe left turn directly in front of two Harley Davidson motorcycles coming from the opposite direction. While the man from Huntington Beach died from his injuries at the scene, the other motorcyclist survived. The driver of the Sequoia was unhurt.

Such an outcome should come as no surprise considering the size discrepancy between the vehicles involved. Sadly, any criminal penalties that the negligent driver in this or any other comparable situation may face offer little solace to the family and friends of the motorcyclists. However, those victims and/or their representatives can seek compensation from negligent parties to help cover any costs associated with a motorcycle accident, as well as for any pain and suffering that they had to endure. Those seeking such compensation may wish to work with a personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle collisions to help with their case. 

Source: Long Beach Press-Telegram "Belmont Shore businessman facing misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges in fatal motorcycle collision" Beatriz Valenzuela, Oct. 10, 2013

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