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Antioch dog attack ends with one dog dead, multiple people bitten

Many in Los Angeles find needed comfort and companionship for their pets. Yet pet ownership carries with it the responsibility of making sure that those animals are properly looked after to avoid potentially injuring anyone in an attack. While many may claim that their pets are perfectly trained and would never do such a thing, they discount the fact that the animal instinct within dogs, cats, and other pets lands people in the hospital all the time from animal bite injuries. If and when such an injury occurs, the pet owner is usually asked to account for what led to the attack.

A recent attack involving multiple dogs in Antioch ended with one of the dogs dead and multiple people with bite injuries. The attack began when a man walking his own dogs was attacked by another pair of unleashed dogs. Neighbors responding to the commotion attempted to aid the man, but they were also soon attacked by the unleashed dogs. When police arrived on the scene, they were forced to fire on the animals, killing one of them. The other was eventually captured by local animal control officials. The victims were each treated for their injuries at local hospitals.

Although the owners of this particular pair of dogs have yet to be identified, animal owners in similar cases may be held liable for the injuries that their pets cause, and thus be required to compensate attack victims. The victims of such animal attacks may wish to work with a personal injury attorney to assist in securing that compensation. 

Source: San Francisco Chronicle "2 dogs run amok in Antioch - 4 people injured" Henry K. Lee, Oct. 31, 2013

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