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November 2013 Archives

Judge denies motion to move wrongful death lawsuit to Mexico

When Long Beach families lose loved ones in a fatal accident, no amount of compensation can make up for the emotional pain and suffering that they’re called upon to endure. Yet for many, a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of those that they lost is the only way to hold those responsible for the accident accountable and to fill the financial void left to those who relied upon the deceased for support. Unfortunately, such actions are often seen as petty and vindictive, and public opinion can often away against plaintiffs as their cases are often delayed by various legal maneuvering.

Cause of fatal bike crash under investigation

Sadly, many California accident victims are never able to explain what happened or identify the person responsible for the incident. It only takes an instant for a serious accident to occur, and sometimes victims do not survive. Determining the cause of a fatal bicycle accident can be especially difficult in instances where there are no eyewitnesses and/or little physical evidence to go by. Investigators are currently working to understand how and why a bicyclist was killed recently.

Pet owner concealed dog involved in serious attack

There’s no doubt that many people that own pets in Southern California often treat their furry friends as family members. In fact, individuals often take their responsibility as dog owners very seriously. And while it’s very important that people care for their animals correctly to ensure their safety and well-being, pet owners also have a responsibility to protect the public from their pets. One woman is now facing the consequences of her actions, since she attempted to conceal possession of a dog that seriously injured a young boy recently.

Workers' comp or auto insurance in Fresno motorcycle accident?

Accidents involving injuries in Los Angeles will often leave those involved with serious medical expenses to pay, as well as with the prospect of having to take time off of work to recover from their injuries. When those accidents involve motorcycle collisions or work-related injuries, one is typically entitled to compensation from an outside payer, be it either auto insurance or a workers compensation fund. Yet what happens in those cases when both entities are involved, like in the event where someone is involved in a motorcycle crash while performing his or her job functions?

Antioch dog attack ends with one dog dead, multiple people bitten

Many in Los Angeles find needed comfort and companionship for their pets. Yet pet ownership carries with it the responsibility of making sure that those animals are properly looked after to avoid potentially injuring anyone in an attack. While many may claim that their pets are perfectly trained and would never do such a thing, they discount the fact that the animal instinct within dogs, cats, and other pets lands people in the hospital all the time from animal bite injuries. If and when such an injury occurs, the pet owner is usually asked to account for what led to the attack.

Some medical malpractice cases may go overlooked in California

Millions of older Americans living in California and other states around the country require some level of care. And while many are admitted to full-service nursing home facilities, thousands of others choose assisted living facilities to meet their needs. There are increasing concerns, however, that fatal accident and malpractice rates may be on the rise in assisted living facilities everywhere, as a lack of federal regulation and oversight may allow questionable care practices to continue.

Alcohol a factor in fatal Lodi car accident

Car accidents in Long Beach often have tragic results. That tragedy is often compounded if it’s discovered that the accident could have been avoided if not for negligence on the part of the responsible party. While little can be done to fill the emotional loss of a family member or friend, or to ease the pain of those suffering from injuries obtained during an accident, earning compensation from the responsible party or his or her insurance company can help to meet medical expenses and make up for lost wages, or to help provide for those who lost someone to whom they looked to as a provider in the accident.

Helmet use can cut bicycle fatality rates in kids

When most parents think of their kids getting hurt on a bicycle, images of scraped elbows and crocodile tears may come to mind. Unfortunately, however, thousands of children around the country sustain serious bicycle accident injuries every year. Given that so many children play and ride their bikes near busy streets and commuter traffic, it’s more important than ever to ensure their safety. A recent study conducted in Los Angeles, California, offers valuable insight into the threats facing young bike riders and what can be done to protect them.

Huntington Beach man dead after motorcycle accident in Long Beach

Even though motorcycles and vehicles share the same roads in Long Beach, they don't share the same level of protection offered to those operating them. Motorcyclists are greatly exposed to injury in the event of an accident. As such, they usually have to be acutely aware of the other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, that same awareness doesn't always extend to the drivers of those vehicles. The stability and security of a car, truck, or SUV can be an open invitation to carelessness, either by drivers trying to multi-task while driving or operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner.