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San Francisco neighborhood sees fourth bicycle fatality this year

A bicycle ride through Long Beach can be a terrific leisurely activity. Yet every time a bicyclist takes to the road, he or she takes the risk of being seriously injured by the other vehicles. Even though bicycles and cars are meant to share the road, they're not built to provide the same level of protection in the event of an accident. Whenever a bicycle and a vehicle meet in a collision, the bicyclist almost always loses, and that loss often includes serious injuries or even death.

Such was the case with a bicyclist who was recently hit by a bus in San Francisco. Sadly, the man died as a result of the collision. Video surveillance from the bus was collected, as were statements from the passengers, yet police have given no indication as to who or what caused the accident. This case is the fourth bicyclist fatality that San Francisco has seen this year, all of them occurring in the South of Market neighborhood.

In the event that the driver of a vehicle is found at fault in a bicycle accident, the bicyclist or his representatives may be entitled to compensation for any expenses stemming from the accident plus any other damages or suffering that the accident caused. However, even in the event that no fault is found with the driver, the bicyclist may still seek compensation from the city or municipality if there's evidence to suggest that they failed to adequately warn him or her of any potential dangers or failed in providing safe conditions for bicycle traffic. In any event, those seeking compensation in a case like this may wish to work with a personal injury lawyer to achieve this goal. 

Source: CBS San Francisco "San Francisco Muni Bus Hit, Kills Bicyclists In SoMa" Oct. 18, 2013

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