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Mother of dead teen files wrongful death

Young people living in Los Angeles, California, and beyond, face an overwhelming number of temptations every day to do drugs. And while many people may assume that users have to go out of their way to get their hands on illegal substances, some are available at drugstores and gas stations around the country. In fact, an increased number of serious injuries and deaths have been linked to over-the-counter products recently. One wrongful death lawsuit may serve as an unfortunate example of the steps that are necessary to get such harmful substances out of the reach of consumers.

Many tragic stories of teenagers dying as a result of smoking a product known as “spice” have come up in the news in recent years. Spice is synthetic marijuana and is known to contain both legal and illegal chemicals in a number of different varieties. Just this year, a synthetic marijuana distribution operation was uncovered and 12 people were indicted. Many states are currently investigating the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic marijuana, and have implemented legislation to ban some of the harmful ingredients used in the products.

Synthetic marijuana may seem especially innocuous to teenagers because of its packaging. With names like “Sexy Monkey” and “K2,” the products can appear to be much safer than they really are. And since state laws have yet to identify many of the most dangerous ingredients, some are still considered legal.

One 19-year-old boy in Colorado died after smoking synthetic marijuana in 2011. Because the chemicals in that particular brand were illegal in the state at the time, the boy’s mother has filed a wrongful death suit against the store that sold the product. She is hoping a lawsuit will further the cause of getting such deadly substances off store shelves.

Source: Huffington Post, “Nicholas Colbert Died After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana, Now His Mother Is Suing,” Andrea Rael, Sep. 23, 2013

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