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Alleged murder results in wrongful death suit

In places like Long Beach, California, and other cities around the nation, serious injuries and death are caused every day by the actions of others. Such wrongdoing and/or negligence may not be found to be intentional in many instances, but sometimes it is. It incidents where a criminal murder investigation leads to accusations and charges, a wrongful death lawsuit may also be introduced in some instances. One such lawsuit filed on behalf of an alleged murder victim was recently settled, illustrating how some cases are presented and resolved.

The fatal incident took place in Illinois at the beginning of 2013, and involves four people suspected of strangling two individuals to death in one of the defendant’s home. The mother of one of the alleged murder victims filed the wrongful death lawsuit against the family of the murder suspect linked to the murder site.

The lawsuit called for the victim’s family to receive over $10 million in damages, and identified the homeowners, the murder defendant’s father and his wife, as defendants in the suit. According to the suit, the homeowners wrongfully condoned drug use on the premises. Furthermore, the defendants compromised the safety of visitors by allowing them to come into contact with unpredictable and possibly violent individuals on the property.

The wrongful death suit was recently settled and approved by the court for $150,000 to be granted to the victim’s family. The homeowners’ insurance is covering the cost of the suit, and they cannot be pursued with similar complaints again.

Source: Southtown Star, “Murder victim’s family OKs partial settlement in lawsuit,” Janet Lundquist, Oct. 22, 2013

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