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October 2013 Archives

Alleged murder results in wrongful death suit

In places like Long Beach, California, and other cities around the nation, serious injuries and death are caused every day by the actions of others. Such wrongdoing and/or negligence may not be found to be intentional in many instances, but sometimes it is. It incidents where a criminal murder investigation leads to accusations and charges, a wrongful death lawsuit may also be introduced in some instances. One such lawsuit filed on behalf of an alleged murder victim was recently settled, illustrating how some cases are presented and resolved.

San Francisco neighborhood sees fourth bicycle fatality this year

A bicycle ride through Long Beach can be a terrific leisurely activity. Yet every time a bicyclist takes to the road, he or she takes the risk of being seriously injured by the other vehicles. Even though bicycles and cars are meant to share the road, they're not built to provide the same level of protection in the event of an accident. Whenever a bicycle and a vehicle meet in a collision, the bicyclist almost always loses, and that loss often includes serious injuries or even death.

Wrongful death suits difficult to prove against carmakers

Factors like driver negligence, road debris, and poor weather conditions are known to contribute to serious car accidents in California and beyond. The causes of some collisions are more difficult to identify, though, and can involve more subtle issues like equipment malfunction. That’s why wrongful death lawsuits filed against carmakers can be so complex in nature and challenging to win. One recent case illustrates how the results of a lawsuit can depend on determining the exact cause of a fatal accident.

5 injured, 1 killed in 8-vehicle accident

Despite the repeated warnings against drinking and driving, there are still those in Long Beach that choose to do it. Many do so with the mistaken belief that they can operate a car in a safe manner because they do not feel drunk. This can be a huge mistake and not only put the driver in harm’s way, but also everyone else with whom he or she shares the road.

Patients encouraged to protect selves from medical malpractice

Too often, it’s not until a serious mistake happens that a hospital patient may realize that his or her health or safety was compromised by a trusted medical provider. Thousands of fatal accident incidents occur every year in hospitals across California and other states, alerting patients to the fact that the burden can fall on them to be proactive in protecting themselves against medical mistakes and negligence.

Medical negligence accounts for thousands of deaths each year

Medical professionals and facilities provide life-saving services to millions of people living in Long Beach, California, and beyond. In fact, most people count on physicians and other medical providers to make sound decisions and perform at the best of their abilities at all times. The truth is, however, that even doctors and nurses make mistakes, and such errors can have deadly consequences. New evidence suggests that fatal accident incidents in the hospital environment may be much more prevalent than ever estimated before.

Delays in fatal accident investigation may affect victims

When people are involved in serious car accidents, they have the right to file claims against those responsible for causing harm. In California and other states around the country, the results of a wrongful death suit can depend on successfully proving how and why an incident occurred. The only way to prove that someone or something is responsible for causing an incident is to conduct a timely and thorough investigation. Unfortunately, though, sometimes accidents do not receive the attention or scrutiny they deserve. A full investigation has yet to be completed on a recent fatal accident, which may compromise victims’ potential wrongful death claims.

Tragic bicycle accident takes two lives

Given that the majority of California bicycle enthusiasts understand the dangers of riding on public roads, many are especially cautious. That’s partially why so many are drawn to professional bicycle events; organized rides allow cyclists to follow a predetermined route that is typically barricaded or otherwise distinguished from mainstream traffic. However, only so much can be done to protect bicycle riders from the recklessness and negligence of other motorists. A recent event ended in tragedy when a car struck four bicycles during one such event.

Mother of dead teen files wrongful death

Young people living in Los Angeles, California, and beyond, face an overwhelming number of temptations every day to do drugs. And while many people may assume that users have to go out of their way to get their hands on illegal substances, some are available at drugstores and gas stations around the country. In fact, an increased number of serious injuries and deaths have been linked to over-the-counter products recently. One wrongful death lawsuit may serve as an unfortunate example of the steps that are necessary to get such harmful substances out of the reach of consumers.