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Amusement park accused of negligence, woman's death

Every year millions of people flock to amusement parks to enjoy a kind of fast-paced entertainment seldom experienced anywhere else. In fact, many people plan entire vacations around a particular ride or roller coaster. And while many may agree that faster is better, roller coasters are known to cause serious injuries and even death in some instances. A recent incident involving a woman who fell to her death while on a roller coaster serves as a sobering reminder that fun can quickly turn to tragedy.

The fatal accident apparently occurred on a roller coaster at the Six Flags amusement park in Texas, in July of this year. The woman killed in the incident is reported to have fallen out of her seat while the roller coaster was in motion. Her daughter and son-in-law witnessed the woman struggling to remain in her seat but could not help her in time. The particular roller coaster the family was riding is 14 stories high and goes at least 60 mph.

The family of the victim has filed a lawsuit against the amusement park alleging negligence and poor maintenance of safety equipment. The family claims that the safety equipment used to harness the woman in her seat did not work properly. At this time it’s not known whether the safety harness used was intended to restrain passengers over a certain weight, or whether other factors may have contributed to the accident.

The amusement park contends it is not responsible for the incident; however, the family argues that their loved one died because of the defendant’s negligence. The ride recently reopened with the installation of new safety equipment and harnesses.

The family is requesting around $1 million in damages and a jury trial.

Source: USA Today, “Family Sues Six Flags After Woman’s Fall From 14-Story High Roller Coaster,” Ryan Owens, Sep. 12, 2013

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