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September 2013 Archives

Replicating and investigating bike crash scenes

Living in areas like Long Beach, California, calls for being outside as much as possible. Residents and tourists alike flock to the beaches, search out parks and often walk and use bicycles instead of cars. And while the Southern California weather encourages a healthy lifestyle, it also leaves some pedestrians and cyclists vulnerable to accidents. Given that a bicycle accident can result in serious injuries or even death, law enforcement are trained on how to properly investigate these types of accident scenes to ensure liable parties are held responsible for their actions.

Amusement park accused of negligence, woman's death

Every year millions of people flock to amusement parks to enjoy a kind of fast-paced entertainment seldom experienced anywhere else. In fact, many people plan entire vacations around a particular ride or roller coaster. And while many may agree that faster is better, roller coasters are known to cause serious injuries and even death in some instances. A recent incident involving a woman who fell to her death while on a roller coaster serves as a sobering reminder that fun can quickly turn to tragedy.

Sleeping driver suspected of causing fatal motorcycle crash

Drivers in California, and states around the country, largely understand that they bear a certain degree of responsibility for the safety of other motorists on the road. In fact, many drivers can and do take the presence of vehicles like motorcycles into account so as to comply with road safety guidelines and prevent accidents. However, some motorists are less conscientious, allowing themselves and others to be placed in danger. One driver may have had the opportunity to avoid being involved in a serious motorcycle accident that took the lives of two people recently.

City not held responsible for negligence

In large metropolises like Los Angeles, California, and beyond, numerous public safety and emergency services are in place to respond to the needs of citizens promptly. In fact, standards often dictate how and when issues like medical emergencies should be addressed by skilled first responders. That’s why negligence and/or wrongdoing on the part of city-run ambulance services can be so disturbing. Unfortunately though, wrongful death lawsuits against municipalities can also be some of the hardest to achieve.

Family member on trial for fatal dog attack

Pet owners in Long Beach, California, and beyond are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their animals, along with the welfare of the people their pets come in contact with. It’s up to the dog owner to train and monitor the behavior of the animal to ensure it doesn’t exhibit aggressive or otherwise dangerous tendencies. Furthermore, it’s the duty of the dog owner to prohibit children and other vulnerable people from being left alone with the pet. One Concord, California, man is currently on trial for the tragic death of his young step-grandson, who was killed in a dog attack involving three of the defendant’s pit bulls.

Celebrity plane crash leads to wrongful death suit

On December 9, 2012, fans around the world were shocked and saddened by the tragic death of Mexican singer Jenni Rivera and several other people in a private plane crash. The Learjet 25 had been chartered by Jenni Rivera Enterprises, and departed from Van Nuys, California, before going down in Mexico. Now, the families of four of the people killed in the incident have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the plane’s last owner, current owner and charter company in a Los Angeles County Supreme Court.

Wrongful death among charges filed against nursing home

Thousands of individuals and their families rely on the services of long-term skilled nursing facilities to provide them with the level of care they require and deserve. And while countless people in California and beyond benefit from the assistance of professional nursing homes, there are cases where negligence and abuse have resulted in patient injuries and even death. One skilled nursing facility is facing major accusations for three separate incidents, including sexual assault and wrongful death.

Little girl dies in tragic motorcycle collision

It’s true that every motorist in the state of California and beyond accepts a certain degree of responsibility for others on the road every time they turn on the ignition. Though, professional drivers and those operating especially large vehicles must be particularly vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times. One little girl sadly died in a motorcycle accident with a semi-truck recently. And while it does not appear the motorcycle driver did anything wrong, the actions of the semi-truck driver may have contributed to the severity of the incident.