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Drunk driver injures two bicyclists in Los Angeles County

A bicyclist is no match for a negligent or reckless drunk driver. When a person becomes intoxicated and gets behind the wheel, everyone sharing the road is at risk. People who are driving drunk at dawn in Los Angeles are especially dangerous as that is a time when many bicyclists, runners, and walkers are outside getting their exercise. If an intoxicated motorist cannot control a vehicle, a bike accident or pedestrian injury can result.

A 19-year old man was charged with eight felonies, including hit-and-run, assault with a deadly weapon, and driving while intoxicated, after he crashed his car into two bicyclists and a vehicle. According to law enforcement, the altercations took place just before 6:00 a.m. when the man hit a 46-year old riding his bike. Instead of stopping, the driver took off, fleeing the scene and leaving the man to suffer injuries. Minutes afterwards, the same driver slammed his car into a second bicyclist; a 63-year old man who was hospitalized with serious injuries. Because the driver made two attempts to hit the older bicycle rider, the collision was described as intentional.

Two onlookers driving a Mini Cooper chased after the driver who initially drove away, but then began striking the Mini Cooper with his vehicle. This conduct eventually caused the drunk driver to crash into the median. While the drunk driver and Mini Cooper motorists were not hurt, the two bicyclists will need to recover from their injuries. 

In a situation where people are injured through no fault of their own, they may wish to recover the financial burden incurred. It can be helpful to speak with an attorney to discuss filing a legal claim for compensation against the person who caused the harm. 

Source: SGV Tribune, “Glendora man charged in connection with alleged vehicular assaults in Monrovia area,” Brian Day, July 10, 2013

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