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Parents file wrongful death lawsuit after son is killed at work

In most cases, employers in California are expected to create a safe environment for their employees. Failure to follow proper safety procedures can result in injuries or death. When this happens, a company may face litigation.

On April 4 2012, a 21-year-old male was killed by a drunk driver in a fatal workplace accident in California. The man was working at his freeway construction job at the time of the accident. His parents have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that the environment where their son was working was unsafe. Among the several defendants named in their lawsuit is the alleged drunk driver.

Additionally, the parents have accused the California Highway Patrol of failing to properly station officers at the construction site. Also named in the lawsuit is CalTrans and Flatiron Construction Company. The stretch of freeway where the man was working was closed off at the time of the fatal accident but the lawsuit claims that proper barricades were not set up across all lanes. According to the lawsuit, these barricades are supposed to protect the construction zone from wayward vehicles. The boy's father is Bruce Penhall, known for his appearance in the TV show "CHiPS" and as a former motorcycle racer.

These parents will have to live the rest of their lives without their son. Nothing will ever bring him back. A wrongful death lawsuit, however, can help pay for the damages sustained in a fatal accident. If you lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of another person or company, you may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer may be able to help.

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