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June 2013 Archives

Multi-vehicle crash in California critically injures 3

California is notorious for heavy traffic and freeway delays. When a car accident occurs, drivers and passengers sometimes find themselves stuck on the road for several hours. In a recent pileup accident, the road was close for more than three hours. That long wait was just a minor inconvenience when compared to the situation of the people involved in the accident.

California woman dies in motorcycle accident

When some people hear about motorcycle accidents in California, they may assume that the driver of the motorcycle was driving too fast or disobeying other traffic laws. In reality, however, many motorcycle accidents occur because of the negligent actions of other drivers. When this happens, the driver and passengers on the motorcycle may face serious injury or death.

California man charged with murder after fatal dog attack

You may remember the story from last month in which eight dogs were under investigation for an attack on a California woman. The woman died after being attacked by several dogs on her morning walk. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance but her injuries proved fatal. There are new updates in the investigation.

Parents file wrongful death lawsuit after son is killed at work

In most cases, employers in California are expected to create a safe environment for their employees. Failure to follow proper safety procedures can result in injuries or death. When this happens, a company may face litigation.

Monster Beverage denies allegations in wrongful death suit

The energy drink industry has exploded in recent years. Many people consume these beverages to help them stay awake for long periods of time or give themselves an energy boost. As the popularity of these highly caffeinated beverages continues to grow, however, so does the opposition.

Nine injured and one killed in California car accident

Holiday weekends often see a rise in incidences of drunk driving. People may be tempted to drive after drinking and celebrating with their friends, despite the fact that drinking and driving is never a good idea. Driving while under the influence of alcohol can lead to a serious car accident; when an accident occurs on a busy road, many cars may be involved.

California woman arrested after dog attack

In California, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. If someone is injured because of their animal, they may be held liable for those injuries. A dog who is prone to attacking humans can be considered a deadly weapon, which may result in serious charges for the pet owner.