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Street racing blamed for fatal Los Angeles crash

It appears that street racing may be to blame for an accident that killed one driver and damaged at least 8 different cars. It was reported that the driver killed was not involved in the street racing in any way and seems to have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The deceased driver was in a Saturn when it was struck by a silver Pontiac. Apparently the car accident collision resulted in an instant explosion. In any case, the driver of the Pontiac did not stay around to assist and instead fled the scene.

Another vehicle involved in the street racing, a Dodge Charger, apparently was traveling against traffic while the race was ongoing. The Charger struck a pickup truck that resulted in passengers of that truck being transported to the hospital. And besides the eight vehicles damaged in the crash, apparently one bicyclist was also involved in the incident. Another individual was also injured, but it is yet known how that occurred.

Whether all of the wrongdoers involved in this accident will be brought to justice is unknown. The police are continuing to investigate this crash and are searching for the driver of the Pontiac and two passengers that also fled the scene.

Personal injuries and fatalities that result from these sorts of car crashes are often sudden and traumatic. Even if found, those responsible may be uninsured and unable to compensate those that have been hurt because of the accident.

Personal injury attorneys can at least discuss with these victims what can be done to recover in the courts or through negotiation. These attorneys can also provide an independent investigation into the matter that police may not have the time or resources to conduct.

Source: ABC 7, “Innocent driver killed, 8 cars damaged in South Los Angeles crash; street racing likely cause,” by Jovana Lara, May 1, 2013

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